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Bonus Airtime Terms and Conditions

  1. Bonus Airtime will be used for:

    • Mascom-to-Mascom calls

    • Mascom to BeMobile and Orange calls

    • All local SMS’  calls

    • Mascom-to-Fixed calls

    • To access general internet (Pay As You Surf) (Bonus Airtime balance will be used for local data)

    • Bonus airtime will NOT be used to make international calls.

  2. All call tariffs remain the same.

  3. Bonus airtime will not be used to subscribe to other service or product promotions e.g. MyStar competitions, data bundle promotions,*110# activations and VAS (CRBT, CollectSMS, MySpot content and Gift SMS e.t.c) services.

  4. Bonus Airtime will not be used while roaming.

  5. Bonus Airtime will only be valid for 14 days from the time of purchase. Any unused bonus airtime will not carry-over and will be forfeited.

  6. Priority levels will be such that on-net & off-net calls, on-net & off-net SMS and  data sessions will be debited first from the bonus airtime and not the main airtime balance.

  7. The below shows the usage priority levels;

    • Data bundles

    • Bonus Airtime balance

    • Freebie Airtime balance

    • Main Airtime balance

  8. Bonus Airtime Conversion to airtime
    Subscribers will not be able to convert the bonus airtime to airtime balance. Only the Freebie airtime balance can be converted.

  9. Nzamele
    The bonus airtime balance cannot be shared using the Nzamele service. Only the main airtime balance will be used for Nzamele service.

  10. Airtime Manager
    The bonus airtime will be protected once the subscriber has activated the service.