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Mascom Music

MyMusic is a service that allows users to listen to a wide selection of international, regional and local music. The service is available to Mascom prepaid and postpaid subscribers on all mobile handset makes and models. The service offers a wide selection of musical genres such as Hip-hop, Pop, Gospel, House, Jazz, Rock, Reggae, Kwoito, R&B etc.

There ore two ways to enjoy the MyMusic service;

Subscription 13232: Users con choose to pay a fee to use the service for a specified duration.

Pay per use 13133: Users con access the service and only be charged as they use the service.

MyMusic key features

The following features of MyMusic ore available when calling 13232

Music on demand

The service allows users to listen to the music of their choice at anytime and from anywhere.


Users con create a list of their favorite songs and listen to them whenever they use the service.


The service allows users to dedicate a song to other Moscom subscribers, the receiving subscriber will be informed that they hove received a song dedication and how to listen to it.


The service allows users to search for their favorite songs.


Users can use the help function to learn more about the service.

How to use MyMusic

Subscription 13232

Mascom subscribers will dial 13232 to subscribe to the service for the preferred period. Subscribers will be charged a fixed fee for the subscription period and be entitled to the prescribed minutes for the service. If either of the allocated period (daily, weekly or monthly) or time (5, 20 or 50 minutes) expires, the customer will have to subscribe again.

Subscription fees

Period Charge BWP Duration
Daily P2.00 5 Minutes
Weekly P5.00 20 Minutes
Montlhy P10.00 50 Minutes

Pay per use 13133

Mascom subscribers can dial 13133 to enjoy MyMusic as a pay per use service. Customers can also download content, as per the menu below;

  1. Listen to MyMusic

  2. Download Polyphonic ring tones {requires Moscom WAP settings)

  3. Download True tones {requires Mas com WAP settings)

  4. Download Full songs {requires Mascom WAP settings)

Downloading content requires customers to hove WAP settings.

To get Mascom WAP setting SMS WAP to 15000, SMS sent to 15000are FREE

Access to the 13133 will be charged at P0.50 per minute and any content downloads will be charged as per below;

Content download fees

Content Type Price
PolyPhonic ring tones P5
True tones P10
Full song P10

Important Subscriber Information : All prices are VAT Inclusive. Please see Support category for more information. Terms and conditions apply. E & OE.