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What is MyTunez

MyTunez melodies are pieces of music or sound that can be played to callers alongside the normal ring while they wait for you to answer your phone.


The service is available to all Mascom subscribers and is compatible with all makes and models of mobile phones. Melodies are valid for 31 days. Melodies are subject to automatic renewal. To check validity of a melody call 15728.

How to get MyTunez


SMS the word ADD, followed by * and then MyTunez melody ID to 15728. Example: SMS ADD*123456789 to 15728 to get a melody, where 123456789 is the melody ID. SMS’s sent to 15728 are FREE.

MyTunez Menu

Dial *728# for the MyTunez service menu. Dialling *728# is FREE.


Call 15728 and follow the voice prompts. Calls to 15728 are charged at P0.50 per 10 minute session

Buy melodies for your friends

You can also buy MyTunez melodies for your friends. To order melodies send “ORD4FRND* melody ID*friend’s cellphone number” to 15728.

Dial *728#, select the melody of your choice and choose the buy for friend option. You will be prompted to enter the cell no of your friend and the melody will be added to their melody list. Your friend will receive a notification message informing them that you have bought them a melody.

Chune up your friends! Give them their own beats!

How to allocate melodies:

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