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question What is Freebie Airtime

 This is airtime available to only make Mascom to Mascom calls.

question How do I convert my Freebie to Airtime

 Dial 1013 (followed by the amount). It’s important that you enter the amount you want to convert, if not you will automatically convert all available freebie to airtime.

 Note: P3 Freebie=P1 Airtime e.g. If you convert P30 worth of FREEBIE you will receive P10 in AIRTIME 

question What is Kwik Recharge?

 This is a service where authorized dealers (vendors) sell you airtime through SMS purchase. You give them your number and they transfer airtime to you with their phone.

question How do I share airtime using Nzamele?

 The service allows for airtime transfer or sharing between subscribers at a cost of P0.20 to the sender of the airtime. To activate dial 1011 to create your once off PIN. Example to send P50.00 to 71598632: Simply dial 1011xxx7159863250; xxx being your PIN and 50 being the amount to be sent.

question How do I recharge straight from my bank account?

 Available to Prepaid subscribers only, call 109 and follow the prompts. You will need your bank card number, your ID to do your over the phone registration and create a PIN to secure your transactions.

question How do I access BlackBerry Services after buying a subscription?

 There are 4 different services offered for Prepaid BlackBerry subscribers. after registering device wait for about 5 minutes, switch off phone, remove battery, place it back and then restart.

question Do I get charged for BIS (BlackBerry Internet Services)?

 Yes you do get charged

question What should I do if my Smartphone is not responding?

 Remove battery, place back on the phone and restart.

question What is a Modem?

 It’s a mobile internet device that allows you to access internet from your computer,   whether desk top or lap top

question How do I configure a Modem?

 Slide open the back of your modem and insert a SIMCard loaded with airtime. After insertion, plug modem into your computer USB portal and instructions will pop up.

question How do I set up Internet on my handset?

 Send MMS, INTERNET or WAP to 15000

question What are the different internet options available on Prepaid and how are they accessed?

 My Time Internet, which gives you unlimited access to the internet for a specified time period. To subscribe dial *141# 

 My Meg Bundles, which gives you access to the internet for a fixed amount of data. To subscribe dial *142#

 My Social, which gives you unlimited access to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for a specified time period. To subscribe dial *193#

 My News, which gives you unlimited access to Gazette, Guardian, Mmegi, Sunday Standard, and The Voice. To subscribe dial *193#

 Night Surfers where you subscribe for P5 per day and surf between midnight and 5am for FREE. To subscribe dial *195# 

 BlackBerry on Mascom Prepaid, which gives owners of BlackBerry devices access to internet services on different packages, from 1 Day to 90 Day

question What is One World Roaming?

 This is roaming in partnership with a selection of MTN countries that allows you to recharge using MTN recharge vouchers whilst roaming on Mascom. The countries are South Africa, Rwanda, Zambia, Uganda and Swaziland.

question Do I get charged for Prepaid roaming?

 When receiving calls you will get charged as well as when you make calls, for rates see International Roaming Rates

question Can I access my BIS (BlackBerry Internet Services) while roaming?

 Yes you can access BIS while roaming.

question What is Mascom Weekends?

 This is an airtime special where Mascom subscribers enjoy an additional freebie bonus based on specified airtime purchases; the additional freebie bonus can be up to double the airtime purchased, the special is availed only during the period communicated.

question What are Khumo Points?

 This program is offered to both Prepaid and Postpaid customers, which rewards subscribers for airtime purchased by them. Khumo Points not utilized within 18 months of accrual will be forfeited.

 For Prepaid customers, each P1 recharged gives the customer 1 point. Bonus airtime, Nzamele, Freebies and negative balances do not accumulate points. For Postpaid customers, each P1 used on voice calls gives the customer 1 point. Data charges and/or monthly rentals do not accumulate points. 

 Subscribers that wish to participate in the Khumo Points program should register for the programme by dialling the short code *125#

question How do I become a Sub- dealer and sell Mascom airtime?

 Please contact our Dealer Administrators at 3625209 and 3625268 for referrals.

question Can I pay my phone bill through a bank deposit?

 Yes you can, bank account details are : Bill Payments

question How do I get caller tunes?

 SMS - SMS the word ADD, followed by * and then MyTunez melody ID to 15728.

Example: SMS ADD*123456789 to 15728 to get a melody, where 123456789 is the melody ID. SMS’s sent to 15728 are FREE.

 MyTunez Menu - Dial *728# for the MyTunez service menu. Dialling *728# is FREE.

 Calling - Call 15728 and follow the voice prompts. Calls to 15728 are charged at P0.50 per 10 minute session