About Mascom MyZaka


A convenient and secure method of using money through your mobile phone.

MyZaka Mascom Money, is a mobile money service that offers Mascom customers a convenient and secure way to send, receive, buy and pay using their mobile phones anywhere in Botswana.

What you can do with MyZaka Mascom Money!

  1. Buy Prepaid Electricity
  2. Pay DSTV subscription
  3. Pay Mascom Postpaid bills
  4. Send and receive money within Botswana
  5. Purchase Airtime

Who can use MyZaka Mascom Money?

  1. Mascom Subscribers registered for the service
  2. Non Mascom Subscriber who are not registered for the service
  3. Anyone with a mobile phone, either on Prepaid or Postpaid
  4. Anyone with an Identity document even without a mobile phone

Money Tariffs

  1. Customer registration for MyZaka is FREE to Customers
  2. Loading of Mobile Money into MyZaka Account is FREE to registered customers
  3. We have reduced MyZaka minimum transfer amount from P25.00 to P6.00
  4. Withdrawal of Mobile Money by Unregistered MyZaka Customers is FREE to recipient (unregistered MyZaka Customer)
  5. Purchase of Airtime is FREE to Customer
  6. Paying Mascom Bill is FREE to Customer
  7. Fee for paying DStv Bill is P5.00
  8. Fee for buying Pre-paid Electricity is P2.50

Cash Withdrawal From MyZaka Account
Tariffs to Registered Customers

Value Of Transaction  Tariff On Withdrawal 
25 – 125 BWP6.00
126 – 250 BWP8.00
251 – 500 BWP12.00
501 – 1000 BWP22.00
1001 – 2000 BWP45.00
2001 – 4000 BWP85.00
4001 – 6000 BWP125.00
6001 – 8000 BWP150.00
8001 – 10000 BWP175.00

Transfer Of Mobile Money
Tariffs to Sender | Unregistered Customers

Value Of Transaction  Tariff On Withdrawal 
25 – 125 BWP12.00
126 – 250 BWP16.00
251 – 500 BWP20.00
501 – 1000 BWP30.00
1001 – 2000 BWP60.00
2001 – 4000 BWP100.00
4001 – 6000 BWP140.00
6001 – 8000 BWP170.00
8001 – 10000 BWP200.00

Send Money to Registered Recipient

Value Of Transaction  Tariff On Withdrawal 
25 – 10000 BWP5.00

Transfer Money from your Bank to MyZaka Wallet

Mascom MyZaka has partnered with Absa and Standard Chartered banks to bring you the Bank-to-Wallet service, making it easy and simple to transfer money from your bank account to any MyZaka wallet.

  • You can access the Bank-to-Wallet service directly from your bank’s digital platforms; that is through USSD, Mobile App and Online channels. You can contact either Absa Bank on 0800 600 444 / 315 9575 and Standard Chartered Bank on 361 5800 for more information.
  • You can also transfer money into your MyZaka wallet using any bank card with the Bank-2-Wallet option through the Mascom Online portal.

Terms and conditions apply. E & OE.

Transfer Money from any Bank Card to your MyZaka Wallet

Unlock your world of convenience and transfer money from any bank card to your MyZaka account using Mascom Online.


  1. Login to Mascom Online (https://online.mascom.bw/)
  2. Select MyZaka
  3. Enter MyZaka PIN
  4. Select “Card to Wallet”
  5. Enter amount
  6. Enter Bank Card Details
  7. Complete Transfer

Terms and conditions apply. E & OE.

Subscriber Information

  1. Customers can transfer funds between P25-P10,000
  2. All customer tariffs and fees will be deducted from the MyZaka account. No other tariffs or fees will be charged by the authorized Agent
  3. MyZaka accounts with no transactions during a period of 12months will be charged with a monthly service fee of P10 until new transactions are performed or the credit balance in the MyZaka account is reduced to zero
  4. After registration dial *167# for MyZaka service menu

All prices are VAT Inclusive.  | Please see Support category for more information. Terms and conditions apply. E & OE.