Do more for your business with Mascom mega broadband packages

Corporate Sales

Corporate Sales develops and implements strategies aimed at attracting and increasing sales.


• Voice & Messaging Solutions
• MyBroadband – Business and Home
• Connectivity & APN Solutions

Corporate Sales Offices

Requests and Enquiries on Corporate business should be directed to Corporate Sales Department.

Private Circuits

National – NLL (National Leased Lines)
International – IPLC (International Private Leased Circuits)

Internet Bandwidth

This service allows traffic from another network to cross or “transit” the provider’s network, suitable for smaller Internet service providers (ISPs).

Colocation / Hosting

A data center facility in which a business can rent space for servers and other computing hardware.

Mascom Salary Wallet

Simple payment solutions, of salaries and allowances for your workers.

Wholesale Reference Offers

Wholesale reference offer for hosting MVNO.