Data Usage Alerts

Service Description

This is a service designed to sensitize post-paid subscribers on their data usage patterns so that they can better manage their data consumption while using the Mascom Network.

The service is designed to aid in monitoring data usage so as to manage monthly bill and prevent customers from having to query about high data volumes.

Notifications in the form of text message are sent at 50%,75% and 100% of data volume exhaustion, and notifications are FREE to the customer.

For customers who do not have a monthly data allowance, notifications will be in the form of monetary value e.g. “You have used P500.00 as of date xxxxxx“ the value can go to up P5000.00.

How to activate:

  • – Dial *123#
  • – Select option 4 (Data Usage Alerts)
  • – Select either to subscribe or Cancel Data Alerts