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Mascom Postpaid

Pay for what you use through monthly bills.

This service gives the subscriber the freedom to track costs through monthly planning.

Benefits of Using Postpaid

Services Offered for Free
Free Voice mail retrieval | Who called? | Call waiting and call hold | Call barring | Call conferencing | Calling Line Identification (CLI) | Free access to emergency numbers | Roll over of minutes

Convenience and Rewards

Postpaid Customers do not need to recharge. They also have access to International Roaming, 108 Bill Payments and E-Billing. They also earn Khumo Points.

Postpaid Plans

Tailored for the smart professional.
We offer We offer Postpaid Plans that are affordable to both individuals and corporate customers READ MORE...

Affordable Call Rates

Consumer and Business Tariffs.
Our tariffs are specific to each plan available. Choose a suitable Postpaid Plans today.


Business Solutions

World Class Technologies.
Networks for Fleet Management, Telemetry and Least Cost Routing.



Important Subscriber Information. Prices are VAT Exclusive with the exception of the Handset values.