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Zero Facebook

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0.facebook.com is a lightweight , text-only version of the standard Facebook and is designed to enhance your experience. 0.facebook.com gives you Free Browsing of the text only site.

Zero Facebook Features

It’s FAST : 0.facebook.com includes all the key features of the standard mobile site m.facebook.com.

You can update your status, view your News Feed, like or comment on posts, send and reply to messages, or write on friends’ Walls just like you do on Facebook.com.

It’s FREE : Using 0.facebook.com is completely FREE. You will only be charged for usage when you view photos or when leaving 0.facebook.com to browse other mobile sites. When clicking to view a photo or browse another mobile site a notification page will appear to confirm that you will be charged if you want to leave 0.facebook.com.

How Do I Access This Service?

On your Mascom Handset type 0.facebook.com or zero.facebook.com from your mobile browser to start.

Important Subscriber Information : Please see Support category for more information. Terms and conditions apply. E & OE.