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Mascom International Roaming

Available to both Prepaid and Postpaid.

This is a service that allows Mascom subscribers; both prepaid and postpaid to use their Mascom SIM cards on any foreign network that has a roaming agreement with Mascom.

This facility enables Mascom subscribers to retrieve Voice Mail messages, SMS and make and receive calls while outside Botswana and pay for usage back in Botswana.

To get this service activated, the subscriber has to apply for the service at Mascom. It is also important to make sure that the subscriber removes International Call Barring if they would like to make international calls from your host country. (Refer to your handset manual to do this).

While roaming, incoming and outgoing calls and voice mail retrieval are charged for at the rate set by the hosting operator. All call charges are passed directly to your account in Botswana and will be itemized as usual for contract customers. You should note, however, that the calls received while roaming do not have the calling number attached to them, and will therefore appear on the invoice without that information.

On arrival at your destination, the customer can either manually or automatically select the network (consult your handset manual for more information).

International Roaming Rates

Enjoy great rates when roaming.
Mascom subscribers enjoy preferential roaming rates in South Africa.


One World Roaming

Prepaid roaming made convenient.
Mascom OneWorld makes staying in contact so much easier. Because the world is calling!


Roaming Countries

International Roaming Countries.
You can now roam in more than 190 countries worldwide.