Mascom at 20 Years

Mascom at 20 Years

Since 1998 Mascom has been bringing to Botswana innovative products and services. These products and services have helped shape the lives of Batswana with the use of technology.

Over the year, the growth and complexity of the services Mascom offers has evolved. I remember in 2004, when we led the market to provide a 100% enabled EDGE network and later in 2012 when we launched our 4G network.

This growth has been enabled by an intensive investment in both our human, capital and technical infrastructure. This is to ensure that we are able to support our core business and new business areas.

In 2018, we celebrate 20 successful years of hard work and success. We look back in satisfaction as we are able to attest to the value of our investment to date. We also look forward to continuing to build network and increase our footprints. This will ensure that we contribute greatly to achieving the universal access that Botswana aspires for all Batswana.

Our investment in infrastructure development, which includes many 2G, 3G and 4G sites across Botswana and deploying our own fibre network continues to bear fruits. Not only have we been able to strengthen our cyber security defences but we are now able to offer even more new and diverse services.

By way of example, this year we will be launching several new services, including TV Streaming, Video on demand, Fixed Internet Access, a Payment Gateway and ecommerce.

Further, we also have an opportunity to diversify our income streams and expand our business. The experience and economies of scale we have accumulated in the past 20 years has led us to this day, where we are launching to the media, Direct BPO, which is a 100% subsidiary of Mascom.

What I will add is to say that, as Mascom we are at this point today because we have received support from Batswana and the community including the media. Let me then thank you for the continued support and hope to see some of you at our engagements in 2018.