Mascom Data Roaming

Data roaming bundles allows Mascom prepaid customers to keep their SIM cards while across borders and enjoy data connectivity while travelling.


 * All prices are VAT Inclusive
Validity Allowable Usage  Price (BWP)
1 Day 50MB 19.00
2 Days 150MB 29.00
7 Days 300MB 69.00
14 Days 1GB 179.00
30 Days 2GB 359.00
30 Days 4GB 599.00


  1. *123#  2. Select My71Shop   3. Roaming   4.Buy Data Roaming bundles   5. Choose Bundles or use Mascom Online



  1. *123#  2. Select My71Shop   3. Other internet Vouchers   4. Roaming   5.Buy Data Roaming bundles   6. Choose Bundles or use Mascom Online
  1. Free Usage SMS notifications will be sent at 100% of the data volume to alert you.
  2. Customer to subscribe with *123# or through Mascom Online
  3. Customers will be charged the out of bundle rate once their subscription is bundle volume is depleted or expired.
  4. Bundles are only valid in the respective destinations ( MTN South Africa, MTN Uganda, MTN Swaziland, MTN Rwanda Cell and MTN Zambia).
  5. Subscribers can only use their data roaming bundles once they have activated roaming through Call Centre (dial 124), Mascom Online or *123#.
  6. Subscribers need to turn on “Data Roaming” on their handsets to enjoy the data roaming service.
  7. If a data session continues past validity (i.e.. 12:00midnight Botswana time), the customer has to end the data session and start a new one for any other existing bundle to start being consumed. Therefore, one data session can have two charging types whereby for in-bundle activity the deduction is from the current bundle; and if the status goes into out-of-bundle during a session, Pay-as-you-surf (out-of-bundle rates) apply.
  8. The Mascom Data Roaming bundle fee will be billed on Botswana dates and times.
  9. The Mascom Data Roaming Bundle service is only available for personal use, non-commercial purpose
  10. For prepaid subscribers, all rates are VAT inclusive.
  11. Below are applicable countries;
    Applicable Countries
    MTN South Africa
    MTN Uganda
    MTN Swaziland
    MTN Rwanda Cell
    MTN Zambia