Mascom M’Booste

Get up to P30 airtime or up to 1GB data emergency credit to help you stay in touch through

Mascom M’Booste – your helping hand whenever you need a boost.

Dial *175# to get started.

VAT Incl

 Mascom M’Booste Airtime
Airtime (Vat Incl) Service FEE (Vat Incl) Payable Balance (Vat Incl)
2 0.51 2.51
5 1.27 6.27
10 2.04 12.04
20 3.05 23.05
30 4.58 34.58
Mascom M’Booste Data
Validity (Days) MyMix (MB) MySocial Price (BWP) Service FEE (BWP) Payable Balance (BWP)
1 25 2 0.51 2.51
1 100 500 5 1.27 6.27
1 500 10 2.04 12.04
2 1 GB 20 3.05 23.05

1. Dial *175# 2. Select Request Credit 3. Select Airtime  or 4.  Select Data

    1. How Mascom M’Booste service Works

    The Mascom Airtime Credit Service provides qualifying prepaid Customers with a Service that allows them to receive an airtime and/or data advance when they run low or out of airtime and/or data.  Qualifying Customers may obtain airtime or data bundles on credit and pay it back on their next recharge. This Service ensures that qualifying Customers stay connected even if they run out of airtime and/or data and do not have the option available to them to recharge.


    1. The Service Period

    2.1       The M’Booste Service will be available from 05 July 2020 until such time as Mascom in its sole and absolute discretion elects to discontinue the Service.

    2.2       Notwithstanding the Service Period, Mascom may, in its sole and absolute discretion, amend the duration of the Service Period, or withdraw the Service in its entirety.

    2.3       Notices, updates and/or changes to the Service period will be displayed on the Mascom website


    1. Participation in the M’Booste Service

    You qualify to participate in the M’Booste Service if:

    3.1       You are a Mascom Prepaid Customer.

    3.2       You have been active on the Mascom network for 90(Ninety) consecutive days or more.

    3.3       You have recharged your account by at least P30 in the last 30 (Thirty) days.

    1. Mascom Airtime Credit Service Denominations and Denomination Qualification

    4.1       The M’Booste Service will be available to qualifying Customers in various Airtime and Data denominations.

    4.2       The amount of Airtime and/or Data that a Customer qualifies for will be determined by the number of recharges on a Customer’s account as well as their network risk profile.

    4.3       The amount of Airtime and/or Data that a Customer qualifies for is subject to change.

    4.4       Qualifying Customers can borrow multiple advances up to the maximum of their qualified amount.

    1. How to access the M’Booste Service

    The Mascom Airtime Credit Service is accessible to qualifying Customers via the following options:

    USSD (by dialling *175# and selecting the Airtime Credit option)


    1. Fees and Payment

    6.1       A service fee calculated at various percentages of the amount advanced will apply per transaction. (25% for P2,  25%

    for  P5, 20% for P10, 15% for P20 and P30 )

    6.2       Mascom may amend the service fee in its sole and absolute discretion without prior notification to customers.

    6.3       The total amount payable by the qualifying Customer will be the relevant service fee together with  the amount of airtime or data that has been provided to the Customer. The Customer will be liable to pay the total value.

    Example: A customer takes P10 (Ten Pula) Airtime Credit airtime and recharges with P20 (Twenty Pula).  Mascom will deduct P10 + P2 (Service Fee) = P12 (Twelve Pula) and the Customer’s airtime balance will be P8 (Eight Pula).

    6.4  Should the qualifying Customer recharge with a lower denomination than that of the total value owed, the full

    amount of the recharge will be deducted until the full value of the airtime has been recovered.

    Example: A customer takes P10 (Ten Pula) Airtime Credit airtime and recharges with P5 (Five Pula).  Mascom will immediately deduct P5 (Five Pula) and the customer’s outstanding Airtime Credit balance will be P7 (Seven Pula) including the service fee of P2 (Two Pula).

    6.5 Customers who wish to port-out to another Telecommunications provider, will be able to do so when the

    outstanding Mascom Airtime Credit Service balance owed (including the Service fee) has been paid in full.

    6.6  Customers that have an outstanding airtime or data bundle advance who wish to migrate to a Post-paid package will be allowed to do so, and the outstanding balance owed will be added to their Post-paid account bill.


    1. Limits and Exclusions

    7.1       Should a Customer wish to migrate from Pre-paid to Post-paid, the Customer’s Airtime Credit Service will no longer be available.

    7.2       If a Customer’s account is blocked for any reason or cancelled the Mascom Airtime Credit Service will no longer be available.  In such instances, the Customer must call the Mascom Call Centre by dialling 111 from their Mascom mobile number.

    7.3      It remains the Customer’s responsibility to provide accurate information on the airtime and/or data advance amount that is required.  An airtime and/or data advance request cannot be cancelled once it is submitted.

    7.4      Mascom reserves the right to terminate the service of any Customer, without notice, if such Customer is

    involved in any unauthorized, unlawful or fraudulent activity or suspected of any unauthorized, unlawful or fraudulent activity.

    7.5       Customers will not be allowed to request for the Mbooste Service when they have reached the maximum value that they have qualified to borrow and have not yet paid the amount owed (including the Service Fee).

    1. General

    8.1       Qualifying Customers will be able to transfer airtime from their Mbooste Service to another customer.

    8.2       You consent and agree that Mascom may, from time to time, disclose your (personal) information to third parties responsible for processing Airtime Credit Service transactions.

    8.3       Qualifying Customers will be able to access the Mascom Airtime Credit Service only when they are in the

    Republic of Botswana in an area covered by the Mascom network.

    8.4       These Terms and Conditions do not supersede any existing agreement between a Customer and Mascom Wireless (PTY) LTD or its service providers and are to be read in conjunction herewith.