Get your pick of data, voice calls, and SMSs in an all in one bundle at an easy price with MyCombo bundles.

The service is available to Mascom Prepaid subscribers only.


* All prices are VAT Inclusive
P5 (Valid for 1 Day) 3 Mins, 3 SMSs, 25MB
P15 (Valid for 1 Day) 10 Mins, 10 SMSs, 100MB
P45 (Valid for 7 Days) 20 Mins, 20 SMSs, 500MB
P65 (Valid for 7 Days) 30 Mins, 20 SMSs, 2GB
P95 (Valid for 14 Days) 50 Mins, 30 SMSs, 1GB
P125 (Valid for 14 Days) 75 Mins, 30 SMSs, 3GB
P165 (Valid for 30 Days) 100 Mins, 50 SMSs, 2GB
P245 (Valid for 30 Days) 150 Mins, 100 SMSs, 8GB


1. Dial *123# 2. Select My71Shop 3. Select MyCombo 4.  Choose your bundle or through Mascom Online

1. Customer to subscribe with USSD *123# or through Mascom Online
2. Customers will be charged the out of bundle rate once their subscription is bundle volume is 3. The package voice minutes are National (On-Net & Off-Net) Voice minutes and will not be applicable for international calling or roaming.
4. The package SMS’ are National (On-Net & Off-Net) SMS’ and will not be applicable for international SMS’ or roaming.
5. The package Data is for local consumption (within Botswana) and will not be applicable for roaming.
6. Data usage priority is the same as that for MyMix data bundles.
7. Voice minutes & SMS’ usage priority is as below:
– Mascom Talk-to-drop promotion (free minutes plus SMS) [NEW]
– Bonus Airtime balance
– Freebie Airtime balance
– Combo Bundles
– Main Airtime balance
8. All MyCombo rates are VAT inclusive.