MyPrepaid Broadband

Plug & Play, or work at your own convenience with affordable internet.

Enjoy more affordable internet access at home with My Prepaid Broadband.

Sing up for My Prepaid Broadband and get access to fast and affordable data. Choose between 5GB, 15GB, 25GB & 55GB data bundles.

VAT Incl

MyPrepaid Broadband Bundles Included Data (GB) Price (BWP) VAT incl
MyBroadband 5GB 5 189
MyBroadband 15GB 15 489
MyBroadband 25GB 25 686
MyBroadband 55GB 55 1289
Device Only 469

Choose from a variety of Mascom recharge channels to top-up your prepaid number and subscribe for bundles. Recharge options include Mobile banking, *109# Direct top-up and Voucher recharge.

To load your voucher PIN simply visit:

MyMascomDIY > My Balances > Recharges > Vouchers Recharge

To subscribe visit MyMascomDIY > My71Shop and choose your preferred bundle under MyBroadband.

  1. MyBroadband Prepaid is only available to MyBroadband profile who are prepaid customers.
  2. MyBroadband packages are valid for 30 days from date of subscription.
  3. MyBroadband prepaid customers have to register for MyMascomDIY in order to subscribe for MyBroadband packages.
  4. MyBroadband bundles prices are inclusive of VAT.
  5. MyBroadband bundles cannot be used while roaming.
  6. MyBroadband SIM cards will ONLY work on the MyBroadband Router purchased with them.
  7. Customers will receive Data usage alerts for 50%, 75% and 100%. Customers can select a number they want to receive the alerts on.
  8. Download speed is on Network availability.
  9. Data bundles should be used for the period in which the bundles is intended for. Unused data will be forfeited when the validity period is exceeded.
  10. A MyBroadband number can subscribe for itself and or another MyBroadband number ONLY.