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MySpot Keywords

Service Name Short code Daily Keyword Weekly Keyword Monthly Keyword UNSUB Keyword
Learn Xhosa 15767 SDLX SWLX SMLX ULX
Learn Zulu 15767 SDLZ SWLZ SMLZ ULZ
Cute English 15767 SDCE SWCE SMCE UCE
Daily Devotional 15767 SDDDD SWDD SMDD UDD
Daily Prayers Afrikaans 15767 SDDPA SWDPA SMDPA UDPA
Bible Verses 15767 SDBV SWBV SMBV UBV
The Great Debt Escape 15767 SDGD SWGD SMGD UGD
This Day in History 15767 SDTDH SWTDH SMTDH UTDH
Tinder Love Revival English 15767 SDTLR SWTLR SMTLR UTLR
Tinder Kissing Tips English 15767 SDTKT SWTKT SMTKT UTKT
Tinder Pickup Lines for Her 15767 SDTPL SWTPL SMTPL UTPL
Tinder Love n Romance 15767 SDTL SWTL SMTL UTL
Tinder Pickup Lines for Him 15767 SDPLH SWPLH SMPLH UPLH
Love Quotes English 15767 SDLQ SWLQ SMLQ ULQE
Love Quotes Zulu 15767 SDLQZ SWLQZ SMLQZ ULQZ
Zangoma English 15767 SDZE SWZE SMZE UZE
Electricity Tips English 15767 SDET SWET SMET UETE
Healthy Heart Tips English 15767 SDHHT SWHHT SMHHT UHHT
Household Tips 15767 SDHT SWHT SMHT UHT
Love Romance Tips 15767 SDLRT SWLRT SMLRT ULRT
Big Small Business Tips 15767 SDBSB SWBSB SMBSB UBSB
Business Career Tips 15767 SDBCT SWBCT SMBCT UBCT
Stokvel Savings Tips 15767 SDSST SWSST SMSST USST
Tinder Break Up Tips English 15767 SDTBUT SWTBUT SMTBUT UTBUT
Money Saving Tips 15767 SDMST SWMST SMMST UMST
Daily Sun Quotes English 15767 SDDSQ SWDSQ SMDSQ UDSQ
7de Laan 15767 SD7DL SW7DL SM7DL U7DL
Soapie Scandal 15767 SDSS SWSS SMSS USS
Generations 15767 SDGS SWGS SMGS UGS
The Queen Overview Zulu 15767 SDQOZ SWQOZ SMQOZ UQOZ
The Queen Overview English 15767 SDQOE SWQOE SMQOE UQOE