MySurf Fibre Prepaid

MySurf Fibre brings you the benefits of having a fast and highly stable internet connection over a Fibre Connection. Fibre allows the latest and most reliable internet connection in terms of up-time.

Sales and Enquiries Contact: Call 13662 (Free for Mascom Users) or 71272894

Email: or visit our Mascom Shops:

Airport Junction, Main Mall, River Walk, Game City and Masa

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MySurf Fibre Prepaid with Installation Voice
MySurf Fibre Plan Price per Month (BWP)  Speed (Mbps) Data Minutes (On-net)
Bronze 525 5 Unlimited 30
Silver 875 10 Unlimited 60
Gold 1425 25 Unlimited 90
Platinum 2175 50 Unlimited 120
Diamond 2795 100 Unlimited 180
* Prepaid Installation is P1200

Mascom MySurf Fibre FAQs

Q: How is MySurf FIBRE different from MySurf
A: MySurf FIBRE internet runs on fiber-optic technology, commonly called fiber internet or simply “fiber,” is a broadband connection which can reach high speeds with low lag time. The technology uses fiber-optic cable, which amazingly can send data as fast as about 70% the speed of light

Q How long will it take to get connected?
A: Mascom has 7 Days turnaround delivery time for your installation and activation. Once the line has been installed in your premises it can take up to 5 days for the Mascom to activate your line. As soon as your Fibre line is active, you can enjoy Mascom Fibre to the Home

Q:Is the price of MySurf Fibre inclusive of rental?

A: Yes – the price you see, is the price you pay! All MySurf Fibre Packages are bundled, so the price is for both your Data and the Line rental, all‑inclusive.

Q: Will I have to pay a setup fee?

A: When you Sign up for MySurf Fibre Today, you pay setup fee of 1200

Q: Can I use my current DSL router?

A: No!, as Fibre works very differently to DSL. Mascom provides you with a Router that s securely configured for your access only.

Q: Do I need a telephone line to use Fibre?

A: No! MySurf Fibre connects via optical cables that carry data via light, which are separate from the Traditional, copper wire network.

Q: How is Fibre different from DSL?

A: DSL is dependent on copper wire infrastructure, which is often unreliable and can be slow if you have a bad line or are far away from your local exchange, whereas Fibre transmits data with pulses of light over an optical cable.
These cables are far more reliable than copper wires and can offer much greater connectivity speeds

Q:What if I don’t have Fibre in my area?

A: If Fibre isn’t available in your area yet, Please email your details to to give us your details and we’ll let you know as soon as Fibre becomes available in your area. In the mean time you can enjoy our Wireless Internet through Mascom 4.5G Network

Q: Who can get Fibre?

A: Our Fibre packages are available to anyone in areas that have coverage.

Q: Are your Fibre Packages shaped/Capped?

All MySurf Fibre Packages have standard FUP which can be subject to throttling. But remember, shaping only affects downloads and not real time services such as browsing. Also, shaping only happens in situations where FUP is depleted.

Q: Is there a daily usage limit on the MySurf FIBRE internet access?

A: No, there are no daily limits.

Q: Can I have more than one account, for multiple homes and one for my home?
A: Yes, the customer can have many different accounts at various locations depending on Their needs. One connection per premise
Q: Is the service available nationwide?
A: Currently in Gaborone only but we are expanding to all Major Towns.

Q: What happens if I move from a Fibre area to a non-FIBRE available area?
A: You have an Option to connect to our 3G/4G network using MySurf but the experience would not be the same as that on the FIBRE. We would advise you to switch to Wireless MySurf GOLD for better experience. This can be done at a nearest Mascom store, If you are on Postpaid it is advisable to complete the contract before moving to MySurf to avoid cancellation penalties

Q: Can one switch between subscriptions?

A: Only on Prepaid model, the customer can upgrade or downgrade each month to the preferred MySurf FIBRE packages of their choice.

Q: Can I use my existing MySurf FIBRE equipment from the previous one.
A:Yes, But our technical Team will have to verify the equipment first.

Q: Can I purchase MySurf FIBRE if I am not a Mascom customer?

A: Yes the customer can purchase MySurf FIBRE as a non-Mascom customer,
Through the Mascom shop and Mascom Online, The customer will also be provided with a Free Mascom Prepaid Card to receive benefits.

Q: Can I terminate my connection anytime?
A: Yes but Not advisable as it will attract contract penalties.

Q: Can I have more than one router per subscription?
A: No.

Q: What happens if my Connection stops working?
A: Contact 13644 or 111 through your Mascom line, or visit any Mascom shop near you.

Q: Can I use the MySurf FIBRE benefits outside of Botswana?
A: No, the customer cannot use the benefits in other countries as there Are reserved for Local Mascom to Mascom calls only.

Q: Can unused Minutes, SMS or/and data be carried forward to the next month?
A: No, the minutes will be valid for a 30 day period only.

Q: Can MySurf FIBRE handle traffic for social media, YouTube, streaming music and TV?
A: Yes, MySurf FIBRE packages are designed to handle Home entertainment needs.