MySurf Turbo 5G

The 5G technology offers much faster connection speeds than previous networks, also being more reliable with lower response times and greater capacity 5G operates in the same way as the previous LTE technologies but uses higher radio frequencies that are less cluttered

VAT Incl

Service MySurf Turbo Bronze MySurf Turbo Silver MySurf Turbo Gold MySurf Turbo Platinum MySurf Turbo Diamond
Retail Price (BWP) 750.00 820.00 1350.00 1490.00 2390.00
Mobile Minutes (On-Net) 30 Mins, 30 SMS, 1 SIM 45 Mins, 45 SMS, Up to 2 SIM’s 60 Mins, 60 SMS, Up to 2 SIM’s 90 Mins, 90 SMS, Up to 2 SIM’s 120 Mins, 120 SMS, Up to 2 SIM’s
DL Speed Up to 10Mbps, Unlimited Up to 15Mbps, Unlimited Up to 20Mbps, Unlimited Up to 30Mbps, Unlimited Up to 50Mbps, Unlimited
Fair Usage Policy Up to 5 Mbps, After 550 GB Up to 7.5 Mbps, After 700 GB Up to 10 Mbps, After 750 GB Up to 15 Mbps, After 800 GB Up to 20 Mbps, After 1TB

Choose from a variety of Mascom recharge channels to top-up your MySurf Turbo 5G number and subscribe for bundles.