MySurf Unlimited Prepaid

Its the first of its kind in Botswana. Get more value for your money with revised MySurf prepaid packages, a high speed internet connection as well as inclusive on-net voice minutes and SMS.

All bundles are valid for 30 days and come with a once off fee of P435.00 for the purchase of the router.

Why go for MySurf?

  • Its plug and play; a no hassle installation process
  • Ease of payment (Pay anywhere using your mobile)
  • Bundled Minutes and SMS for your convenience

VAT Incl

MySurf Package Speed Minutes Price (BWP) VAT incl
MySurf Bronze Up to 4 Mbps 15 Minutes – 15 SMS 395
MySurf Silver Up to 6 Mbps 30 Minutes – 30 SMS 595
MySurf Gold Up to 10 Mbps 60 minutes – 60 SMS 995
Once – Off – Service Fee     435

MySurf  Bronze

Customers get a 1-month subscription (MySurf Bronze) plus a MySurf router for only P550.00

Promotional Package Normal Subscription Price(BWP) Speed Device Promotional Price Router Price (BWP) Inc VAT
MySurf Bronze 395.00 Up to 2Mbps 395.00 155.00
This is strictly applicable to Bronze package only.

Promotion Duration: 1 May 2024 – 30 June 2024

The MySurf monthly subscription renewal can be purchased through Mascom Shops or

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Can one switch between subscriptions?

A:Yes, the customer is able to upgrade or downgrade each month to the MySurf packages of their choice.

Q:Can it handle traffic for social media, YouTube, streaming music and TV?

A: Yes, it’s unlimited data, the higher the packages the better the speeds.

Q:Unused Minutes, SMS or/and data carried forward to the next month?

A: No, the minutes will be valid for a 30 day period only.

Q: What happens if two subscriptions are purchased; does it extends the validity period?

A: All subscriptions will be valid for a 30 day period.

Q: Can I check MySurf Balances?

A: No, the service is unlimited with a Fair Usage Policy. However the customer can balance check their on-net minutes and SMS through *123# on the SIM  that is part of the My Surf monthly subscription.

Q: Can I use the MySurf subscription outside of Botswana?

A: No the customer cannot use the device in other countries as there is no roaming activated services on the device.

Q- What are the benefits of the New My surf Pricing ?

A– The price is much reasonable and you get more speed of 4mbps.

Q-What should I do if my internet cant connect in different areas/ location?

A– Go on to the Routers  interface( and downgrade the network from 4G TO 3G Network Coverage.

Q- Will the Customer lose their current subscription when the new pricing goes live?

A– No, when the current/ running subscription ends that’s when the client can Re-subscribe with the New My Surf pricing.

Q: Can I use the same device while at home and away from home on holiday in another part of Botswana?

A- Yes, the customer can use the device in other parts of Botswana(were there is 4.5 g and 3G) but the customer cannot use the SIM in another devices as it is SIM locked to the Router that was purchased with the service.

Q: What happens if my modem stops working?

A: You will need to contact customer support on 111 or visit any Mascom store.

Q: Can I have more than one account, for the office and one for my home?

A: Yes, the customer can have many different accounts depending on their needs.

Q: Can I purchase MySurf if I am not a Mascom customer currently?

A: Yes the customer can purchase MySurf as a non-Mascom customer, through the Mascom shop and Mascom On-line portal.

Q: Can I terminate my connection anytime?

A: Yes, the customer may terminate anytime  as long as all subscription validities have elapsed.

MySurf Troubleshooting 

  1. How do I change the name of my Wi-Fi (SSID) network?

Open a browser to access the device interface using the IP address printed underneath the router; i.e. Log into the device and go to Device Settings > WLAN  > SSID. Click on the SSID dialog box and change the SSID . Click ’Apply’ to confirm changes and note the details of the new settings.

2. How do I change my Wi-Fi password?

Open a browser to access the device interface using the IP address printed on the back of the router; i.e. Log into the device and go to Device Settings > WLAN  > WPA pre-shared   Key. Click on the dialog box and change the WIFI password.   Click ’Apply’ to confirm changes and note the new password.

  1. How do I change the password of my device User Interface?

To change device password go to Settings > System > Modify password. Enter old password and new password then confirm new password  Click Apply to confirm changes. Note the details of the new password.

4. I powered off my device and when I power it on, I do not have access to the internet:

a)Ensure the SIM card is correctly inserted.

b)Access the device through and ensure you have entered the PIN code