MyTime Bundles

Go unlimited when you surf and download for the duration of your choice. Available to prepaid customers only.


 * All prices are VAT Inclusive
Package Name Allowable Time Usage
MyTime 1 Hour @ P10 Expires 1 hour after time of purchase
MyTime 2 Hours @ P20 Expires 2 hours after time of purchase
MyTime 3 Hours @ P30 Expires 3 hours after time of purchase
MyTime 4 Hours @ P40 Expires 4 hours after time of purchase
MyTime 5 Hours @ P50 Expires 5 hours after time of purchase
MyTime 10 Hours @ P100 Expires 10 hours after time of purchase

1. Dial *123# 2. Select My71Shop 3. Select MyTime 4. Choose your bundle, Or use Mascom Online App.

      1. All prices include VAT.
      2. Mascom MyTime is available to prepaid customers only.
      3.  The Mascom MyTime bundles offer is defined on the below table:
      1 Hour P10.00 5Mbps up to 2048MB thereafter 1Mbps
      5 Hours P50.00 5Mbps up to 4096MB thereafter 1Mbps
      10 Hours P100.00 5Mbps up to 8192MB thereafter 1Mbps


      1. Upon purchase, the subscriber will be notified of the credited time via an SMS notification.
      2. The validity of the bundle will start counting from the time the customer successfully makes a purchase and is provisioned the service.
      3. When MyTime data bundle expires, subscribers will receive an SMS notification advising them of their subscription status.
      4.  Fair Usage Policy: Applicable Fair Usage Policy (FUP) will apply as per the bundle type once the user has reached the defined volume. Once the fair usage policy is applied, the user is still able to continue their internet access at a lower bandwidth of 1Mbps.
      5. The subscriber will be notified via SMS when they reach the defined FUP volume and is applied.
      6. To reduce high data usage, subscribers are encouraged to turn-off other applications which are active on their devices, also turn off data Auto-sync. There are other device background sessions that may not be turned off and these are operating systems specific session.
      7. Continued use of service(s) once a bundle has expired will be charged using the out of bundle rate.
      8. Data bundles should be used for the period in which the bundle is intended for. Unused minutes will be forfeited when the bundle expires.
      9. If a customer’s number is de-activated from the network, any existing bundles will be forfeited.
      10. Should the subscriber migrate to a contract package (postpaid) while a balance exists in their prepaid data account, the remainder of the data package will be forfeited.
      11. Data transfer rates are not guaranteed and are dependent on network availability.
      12. If session started in-bundle, the bundle is depleted and subscriber buys a new bundle, then the new bundle becomes available in the same session.
      13. If session started out-of-bundle and subscribers buys a bundle, the bundle becomes available only from the next session.
      14. Should the subscriber migrate to another prepaid package while a balance exists in their prepaid data account, the remainder of the data account will not be forfeited.
      15. Bundles and tariffs only apply to standard APNs (internet.mascom).
      16. Bundles and tariffs do not apply to data roaming.
      17. Download speed is on network availability.
      18. Prices are subject to change at the discretion of Mascom. Such changes in pricing will be communicated through the various media.
      19. The bundles may not be used for commercial purposes. Any use of this offer outside of what is considered reasonable for private, non- commercial use, and in instances through mechanisms and means not intended for personal use or the anticipated purpose of the offer, will be considered as abuse.