Mascom prepaid and postpaid subscribers can benefit from this service.

Mascom MyTunez provides subscribers the ability to create a more personalized feel by selecting their preferred tune, gifting a certain tune, copying a tune from their contacts and setting it as their ring back tone where they can assign it to a specific caller, group of callers or set it as a default tune for all callers.

MyTunez platform includes multiple categories and sub-categories such as Sport Tunes, Name Tunes, Infotainment Tunes, Pop Genre Tunes, Romantic Genre Tunes and many more for a better enjoyment at high level of individuality.

Mascom will avail two access channels for subscribers which are USSD and Web Interface.

The service is available to all Mascom subscribers and is compatible with all makes and models of mobile phones. Melodies are valid for 30 days. Melodies are subject to automatic renewal. To check validity dial *728# or follow the URL:

You can also buy MyTunez melodies for your friends. To order melodies send “ORD4FRND* melody ID*friend’s cellphone number” to 15728.

Dial *728#, select the melody of your choice and choose the buy for friend option. You will be prompted to enter the cell no of your friend and the melody will be added to their melody list. Your friend will receive a notification message informing them that you have bought them a melody.

Chune up your friends! Give them their own beats!

How to allocate melodies:

  • – SMS the word ASSIGN followed immediately by * and then MyTunez melody ID, and * and phone number of your friend to 15728.
  • – For example, to allocate melody 44567 to 71999999 type: ASSIGN*44567*71999999 and send the SMS to 15728.

Like it? Copy it!

  • – You can copy MyTunez melodies from any Mascom subscriber’s phone, straight to your phone at the touch of a button.
  • – If you like a melody you are listening to as you call a friend, just dial *. You will then receive a notification to confirm purchase of the melody.
    1. 1.Both prepaid and postpaid subscribers can benefit from the MyTunez service.
    2. 2.Once the service or the tune is activated the subscriber will be notified about the successful activation through the used channel in addition to an SMS notification.
    3. 3.The service and tune expiry date and time will follow the activation time and subscription.
    4. 4.Available types are: 1-day, 7 days and 30 days subscription for both service subscription and tune.
    5. 5.The service and the tune will be auto-renewed by default where the system will try to deduct service/tune fees from the subscribers.
    6. 6.In case the subscriber doesn’t have enough balance for the renewal, the system will downgrade the subscription type to weekly or daily based on the available balance.
    7. 7.In case the subscriber doesn’t have enough balance even for the daily subscription, his subscription will become daily, and will enter the grace period.
    8. 8.During the grace period, the subscriber will keep his settings for a specific period configured by the admin where he can have his subscription and tunes active until reactivation or renewal.
    9. 9.The subscriber can deactivate the service through any of the available interfaces.


Users can access MyTunez by dialling *728# to:

Check Tunes-> The subscriber can check top tunes, check new tunes, or check different tune categories and sub-categories such. After purchasing the tune, the subscriber can personalize it by assigning it to a caller, group of callers, add it to favourite list or set it as default tune.

Check Gifts-> The subscriber can view all gifted tunes or accept or reject each of the gifted tunes.

Copy Tune from Contacts-> The subscriber can enter the contact number from which the user wishes to copy the tune, select the desired tune, then finally activate or gift the selected tune. After copying the tune, the subscriber can personalize it by assigning it to a caller, group of callers, add it to favourite list or set it as default tune.

Check MyTunez-> The subscriber can check his/her tunes, manage groups, manage his/her favourite list, or change default tune. After checking his/her tunes, the subscriber can personalize it, add it to favourites list, set it as default or remove it.

Check Prizes-> The subscriber can check if he/she is eligible for loyalty or/and a referral prize.

Manage Settings-> The subscriber can change language, suspend/activate the service, enable/disable reverse option, or deactivate the service.

Recommend Service to a Friend-> The subscriber can enter contact number, that recipient will receive an SMS recommending the MyTunez service.

Users can access MyTunez by following the URL: to:

Service Subscription-> The user needs to subscribe to a Plan that suits him/her best.

Listen to Featured Tunes->The user can view featured tunes that include top and new lists of tunes.

Listen to Tunes by Categories and Sub-categories->The user can view tunes that are divided into categories and sub-categories.

Gift Tunes-> The user can gift tunes to his/her contacts.

Set Tune as Default->The user can set the selected tune as a default tune for all callers.

Browse purchased tunes-> The user can view the tunes that he/she has purchased and set as ring back tone.

View sent and received gifts-> The user can view all his/her sent and received gifts.

Search for tunes-> The user can browse tunes by entering tune name or artist name in the search bar found on the top menu bar.