Product Description

Share Airtime from your Mascom Prepaid number with friends and family who are on Mascom Prepaid.

The service is available to Mascom Prepaid subscribers.

How to use Nzamele:

  • – Sharing is from P1.00 to P99.00 per transaction.
  • – Example to send P50.00 to 71999999: Simply dial 1011xxx7199999950. 1011 PIN 71999999=Number 50=Amount.
  • – Nzamele transactions are charged at P0.20 per transaction.
    MyMascomDIY App or Web Portal: MyMascomDIY
  • – Terms and conditions apply. E & OE.
Nzamele Transactions
Charged at P0.20 per transaction.
Dial 111 for Help & Support
Mascom Prepaid users.