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We may suspend or vary the whole or any part of the service offered on Mascom’s Website for any reason, at any time at our sole discretion. Mascom reserves the right to vary the terms of this contract from time to time, such variations becoming effective immediately upon posting of the varied Terms and Conditions on Mascom’s Website. By continuing to use Mascom’s Website and related third parties’ links you will be deemed to accept such variation. If any part of these terms is found to be illegal or unenforceable, this will not affect the validity or enforceability of the remainder of these terms.

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The Mascom Khumo Points program is a loyalty program, offered to both Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers, which rewards subscribers for their Mascom usage as per the terms and conditions set forward. Subscribers that wish to participate in the Khumo Points program should register for the programme by dialling the short code *157# and following the text prompts. Only subscribers registered for the program in such manner are qualified to earn and rebate points through the Khumo loyalty program.Mascom reserves the right to ask subscribers to confirm such Khumo Points program registration from time to time. Failure to do so may result in Khumo Points balance loss, in part or in whole, leading to the removal of such subscribers from the Khumo loyalty program.

Accumulation of Points

Prepaid subscribers earn points every time they recharge. Each P1 recharged gives the subscriber 1 point. Bonus airtime, Nzamele, Freebies, ETU, data packages and negative balances do not generate or accumulate points.

Postpaid subscribers earn points on every voice usage amount billed to their account. Each P1 used on voice calls gives the subscriber 1 point. Monthly rentals do not accumulate points.

For Corporate and Business accounts Khumo Points will be allotted to the individual subscribers and not to the Corporate or Business account itself. For both Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers Khumo Points will expire after eighteen (18) months of being earned. Unredeemed points will be forfeited

Prepaid subscribers are required to maintain their prepaid account under an active state in order to be considered eligible for the Khumo Points program. Failure to do so may result in Khumo Points balance loss, in part or in whole, leading to the removal of such subscribers from the Khumo loyalty program. Barred, Deactivated and Expired Prepaid subscribers will forfeit all their points.

Postpaid subscribers are required to maintain a sound payment track record in order to be considered eligible for the Khumo Points program. Failure to do so may result in Khumo Points balance loss, in part or in whole, leading to the removal of such subscribers from the Khumo loyalty program. Postpaid subscribers whose services are barred for non-payment also forfeit all their points

Accumulated points can be determined by calling *157# and following the text prompts. Points are not transferable when migrating from Prepaid to Postpaid, or from Postpaid to Prepaid. Points cannot be transferred or combined between lines, accounts or SIM Cards, and can only be used to rebate from the current available catalogue. Points are forfeited when terminating a contract. Subscribers will not be allowed to rebate points after, or when terminating their contract.

Points Redemption

For both Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers, Khumo Points to be redeemed must be within the eighteen (18) months validity period starting from the time they were earned. Prepaid subscribers must provide their identification document (Omang for citizens of Botswana, and passport for expatriates) when redeeming prizes. Airtime can be redeemed by calling *157#. The subscriber must ensure that your phone is secure at all times to prevent any unauthorised Khumo Points redemption. Mascom will not be held responsible for any unauthorised transactions.

Corporate and Business Postpaid subscribers must provide a written request using the company’s letterhead, and signed by a representative with legal authority. The letter must indicate the mobile numbers redeeming prizes, and the person collecting the prizes must provide their ID. Individual Postpaid subscribers must provide their identification document (Omang for citizens of Botswana, and passport for expatriates) when redeeming prizes.

Each line (number) redeems its own points. Points from different lines cannot be combined.

Only Prepaid subscribers in an active state will be allowed to redeem Khumo Points, therefore where a subscriber’s account has been barred or has expired or has a negative balance, the subscriber will not be allowed to redeem or accumulate points.

Postpaid subscribers must be active (not temporary, nor permanently deactivated), and all account payments must be up to date to redeem and accumulate Khumo Points. Points earned on Postpaid for a specific month will not be accessible until the specific invoice under which they were earned is fully paid.

Redemptions are only allowed with active SIMCards and accounts, and without any irregular issues, such as outstanding debts to Mascom. Subscribers can make one redemption in a 30 day period, with the exception of airtime redemptions. Multiple redemptions will not be allowed within a 30 day period. Subscribers can redeem only one handset in a period of 12 months.

The requirements for redemption are according to the current catalogue at any given time. All prizes shall be subject to availability of stock thereof. In the event that a particular prize is out of stock, it shall be replaced at Mascom’s sole discretion, which shall be final, with another prize of similar value.


Should a particular prize prove to be defective, Mascom shall accept no liability whatsoever in connection therewith. If the product has a malfunction or imperfection, the subscriber has 5 days after package delivery to return it. In this case Mascom should provide a substitution product to the subscriber. In the event that direct replacement is not possible, (whether because the particular prize is out of stock or for any other reason whatsoever), the prize shall be replaced at Mascom’s sole discretion, which shall be final, with another prize of a similar value.

If the malfunction of the handset is due to the subscriber’s negligence, Mascom has the right to refuse the return of the product and to send it back to the subscriber. The package and documentation (any receipts and/or invoices) should be returned to the service centre where the subscriber made the redemption (only for handsets).


Each catalogue is valid until the following update. MASCOM WIRELESS has the right, during the active time of the catalogue, to change or replace any item or commercial conditions. Mascom accepts no liability, whether direct or indirect or consequential in respect of, or arising from, the use by any subscriber or any third party of any of the prizes given under the program.

Mascom hereby reserves all rights at any time to terminate, cancel, suspend and or modify the loyalty program or the terms of the loyalty programme. In any of these events notice will be given via media advertisements or letters or messages to subscribers and will be effective immediately or as of the date referred to in such notifications.

These terms and conditions shall operate in addition to and without derogation of the general terms and conditions applicable to Postpaid and Prepaid subscribers. For any enquiries regarding the Khumo Program, subscribers can call 111, or 129 (for Postpaid subscribers), for free 24 hours-a-day service within the Mascom network. These helpline services are not available when subscribers are roaming.

Warranty Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions to enable you to understand the scope of the warranty attached to the product. A careful reading of the terms and conditions will help you to maintain the product and enjoy the benefits of the warranty during its warranted period:

  1. Mascom will accept the exchange or return of its products, malfunctioning and unused within the maximum period of 7 DAYS from the date of purchase provided they are in the original packaging and proof of purchase is provided.
  2. Unused products should be returned with the seal intact.
  3. Items sold with promotional gifts must be returned together with the gift.
  4. The amounts paid for the items shall be refunded using the Mascom Customer Returns Procedure.
  5. All returned purchases will be inspected before any refund or exchange is granted as per Mascom’s Returns Policy.
  6. Cell phones and accessories are covered by separate warranties. Please refer to manufacturers warranties as additional terms and conditions may apply
  7. Expired goods will not be accepted.

One Year Warranty

This warranty is a “One Year Warranty” on the device purchased from Mascom. This warranty entitles the buyer for repair or replacement subject to the fulfilment of the terms and conditions (stated below) for a term of twelve months from the date of purchase. Mascom’s obligations are limited to the manufacturing defects (as per manufacturers guidelines).

Repair Guarantee

During the first twelve months from the date of purchase, Mascom undertakes to repair the device.

  1. Warranty is valid only with a fully completed warranty control form and proof of purchase consisting of a one-year invoice indicating the date of purchase.
  2. In case of any manufacturing defects that cannot be fixed Mascom will replace the device/ handset.
  3. Warranty does not cover the following:
    • – Accessories of the product (keypad, express-on covers, headset, charger, battery, memory card or any other similar items).
    • – Data of all types stored in the product (see disclaimer below).
    • – Upgrading of the software due to change in Network parameter.
    • – Any failure of the product due to accident, software or hardware modifications or adjustments, acts of God or damage resulting from precipitation, humidity and all types of liquids or climatic conditions.
  4. Warranty becomes void if any one of the following is substantiated:
    • – If the product failure has been caused by use of accessories or other peripherals, which are not recommended by the product manufacturer.
    • – If the device is previously repaired at any place other than Mascom or its authorized Service Centre.
    • – If there are signs of the device being tampered or open-end at any place other than Mascom or its authorised Service Centre.
    • – There are signs of drop damage (visible as well as non-visible), dent mark, scratches, broken or detached parts/spares and tampering with any of the seals on the product.
    • – There are signs of misuse, including but not limited to use in other than the normal manner, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction for the use and maintenance of the product.
    • – Damage caused by overcharging, electrical failure or failure to use (the product) in accordance with the specific instructions, usage, care, safety and maintenance of the product.
    • – If the model, serial No/IMEI number on warranty control form and handset is illegible, altered, deleted or removed.
    • – Change of MSN/IMEI number of the handset electronically.
    • – If the Warranty seal has been tampered with.
    • – If there are any unauthorised modifications carried out on the product.
  5. Repair or Replacement under the terms of this warranty does not give the right for extension or to start a new period of warranty. The one-year period of warranty will be calculated from the date of purchase.
  6. Alternative Remedy for device (product) under Warranty: In the unlikely event of the product not being repairable or replaceable, Mascom reserves its right to provide the customer with another model of equivalent cost based on the last prevailing price of the phone, after depreciating 20% for each year or part thereof. This warranty will be the purchaser’s sole and exclusive remedy and neither Mascom nor its’ dealers shall be liable for any incidental or consequential damages for breach of implied warranty of this product.
  7. Mascom will supply the customer with a loan device during the repair time. The type of loan device supplied is subjected to availability, warrantee period of the device purchased and at the discretion of Mascom. The loan device will be of lesser value and functionality of the original device purchased.
  8. Insurance: Mascom device whether purchased cash or supplied under a contract has no insurance coverage.


Mascom is not responsible for any sort of data (Contacts, Ringtones, Images, Games, Software etc) loss, which may occur at any stage of servicing of the handset. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to keep appropriate backup for the same. Mascom will provide the client with basic loan phone handset during the period of repair.

Mascom Bonus Data

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Bonus Data is only available for use when MyAirtime Manager is turned OFF (deactivated).
  2. Subscribers can check their balances through MyMascomDIY (https://mymascomdiy.mascom.bw or App).
  3. Subscribers can deactivate MyAirtime Manager through *123# or *153#.
  4. Deactivation of MyAirtime Manager allows the devices to access the latest software updates which allows bug fixing and device performance.
  5. Once the Bonus Data has been depleted, continued data usage will be debited from available data bundle (s) or airtime balance.
  6. To reduce high bandwidth consumption and depletion of bonus data, subscribers are advised to turn off other background applications which are active on their devices and also turn off data Auto-sync.
  7. Bonus Data should be used for the period in which the bundle is intended for. Unused data will be forfeited.
  8. If a customer number is deactivated from the network, any existing bundles will be forfeited.
  9. If the subscriber migrates from prepaid to a contract package while a bonus data balance exists in their prepaid data account, the remainder of the Bonus Data will be forfeited.
  10. Data transfer rates are not guaranteed and are dependent on network availability.
  11. Bundles and tariffs only apply to standard APNs (internet.mascom).
  12. Bundles and tariffs do not apply to data roaming.
  13. The bundles may not be used for commercial purposes. Any use of this offer outside of what is considered reasonable for private, non- commercial use, and in instances through mechanisms and means not intended for personal use or the anticipated purpose of the offer, will be considered as abuse.

This is Your Policy Wording for Mobile Device Insurance.

Mascom and Spectrum Insurance Brokers Company underwritten by Botswana Insurance Company agrees to indemnify you against the accidental loss, theft or damage of the Insured Item as defined below occurring during the Period of Insurance, subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions contained in this policy or in any subsequent endorsement to it. In no case shall Spectrum Insurance Brokers Company’s liability exceed the maximum Insured Value as stipulated when insuring the Insured Item.

This policy tells you in clear and simple language how the policy works. This policy wording as amended from time to time, various administrative forms, declarations, authorizations, any voice-logged conversations pertaining to this policy and agreements supplied by Spectrum Insurance Brokers Company shall form the basis of this insurance contract.

In the event of any difference between this policy and that of any other documents mentioned above, the provisions of this policy shall prevail.



Spectrum Insurance Brokers

PO Box 202069, Gaborone, Botswana Plot 920, African Mall Gaborone Botswana E-mail: cell@spectrum.co.bw

Contact: +267 77181549, +267 3 500266




The Insured Item is covered against theft, accidental loss and accidental physical damage.

2.          BENEFITS


Following the physical loss or damage to the mobile device caused by an Insured Event during the Period of Insurance, Spectrum Insurance Brokers Company will

  • repair the Insured Item, or
  • replace the Insured Item with a product of similar quality and price

Provided that if the claimed amount of the Insured Item amounts to more than the Insured Value, you will be your insurer for difference between the maximum Insured value and replacement cost of the Insured item.

The maximum benefit will be equal to the replacement value of the Insured Item at Date of Loss not exceeding the maximum Insured Value You have selected at inception date and which reflects in your schedule of insurance.


  • A maximum of two claims will be entertained within any twelve-month
  • The loss benefit shall not be paid in cash and the benefit in terms of this policy shall be the replacement value of the Insured Item with a product of similar quality and price.
  • The replacement value will not exceed the maximum Insured Value as selected on Spectrum Insurance Brokers Company will use its own discretion to determine if a mobile device is irreparably damaged and in which case will replace the mobile device. If not, Spectrum Insurance Brokers Company will repair the damage.


  • Cover starts on the date of incepting this policy with Spectrum Insurance Broker Company which is the date on which you sign the proposal form.





 Spectrum Insurance Brokers Company shall not be liable for:

    • loss or damage from:
    • wear and tear, maintenance, depreciation, deterioration or other gradually operating causes;
    • change in temperature or humidity the action of light or climatic or atmospheric conditions unless caused by storm, wind, water, hail or snow;
    • the process of cleaning, dyeing, bleaching, altering, repairing or restoring; mechanical or electrical breakdown, failure, breakage or derangement;
    • inherent vice or defects, vermin, insects, termites, mildew, damp, corrosion, oxidation or rust;
    • confiscation, detention, requisition or nationalization, whether by customs or other authority;
    • theft from an unattended vehicle, unless the Insured Item is completely concealed and the vehicle is secured and locked at all points of access and entry is gained by forcible, violent and visible means of which there is evidence or the vehicle is locked or secured in a building;
    • loss or damage arising from or contributed to by Your dishonesty as a principal member, or a director, partner, employee or agent of Yours;
    • Your gross negligence;
    • loss or damage to the Insured Item consigned under a bill of lading;
  • any claim which is not submitted to Botswana Insurance Company within the first 30 (thirty) days from date of loss or damage;
  • any loss or theft that was not reported to the Botswana Police Service (BPS) within the first 48 (forty- eight) hours;
  • loss or damage to or corruption of data as a result of electronically conveyed viruses or defects in design or manufacture or as a result of the equipment being repaired;
  • Any loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by or through or in consequence of the capture, save, retention or the process of any data as a result of the action of any mobile device virus, or other corrupting, harmful or otherwise unauthorized code or instruction.



This policy does not cover any loss, damage or liability, directly or indirectly caused by, related to or in consequence of:

  • civil commotion, labor disturbances, riot, strike, lock-out or public disorder or any act or activity which is calculated or directed to bring about any of the aforesaid;
  • war, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities or warlike operations (whether war .be declared or not) or civil war;
  • mutiny, military rising, military or usurped power, martial law or state of siege or any other event or because which determines the proclamation or maintenance of martial law or state of siege;
  • insurrection, rebellion or revolution;
  • any act (whether on behalf of any organization, body or person or group of persons) calculated or directed to overthrow or influence any state or government or any provincial local or tribal authority with force or by means of fear, terrorism or violence;
  • any act which is calculated or directed to bring about loss or damage in order to further any political aim, objective or cause or to bring about any social or economic change or in protest against any state or
  • Government or any provincial, local or tribal authority or for the purpose of inspiring fear in the public or any section thereof.

6                 TERMINATION OF COVER

 This policy shall be automatically terminated if:

  • The Insured Item no longer belongs to you;
  • You cancel this cover;
  • Payment of any premium is not received subject to the 30 (thirty) days’ period of Should the premium payments be paid up to date within the 60 (sixty) day grace period, the cover will be reinstated automatically; subject to no claims declaration
  • You breach any
  • If Your policy was terminated, you may reinstate your policy at any time and cover will commence from the date of reinstatement, provided that your premium is up to date from the date of reinstatement and any arrears need to be cleared.
  • Your failure to comply with the terms and conditions of this policy will result in you not being entitled to any benefit under this policy.
  • In the event of the theft or loss of the Insured Item the item will be blacklisted o the subscribed network and the mobile device can never be used again (applicable to cell phone cover).


 On the happening of an event that may result in a claim under this policy, you shall, at your own expense:

  • Within 30 (thirty) days of Date of Loss, complete and submit a claim form to Spectrum Insurance Brokers or contact them telephonically on +267 3 500 266
  • Notify Mascom immediately who will blacklist the mobile device on their network if
  • Notify the police immediately in the event of loss or theft of the mobile device and provide Spectrum Insurance Company with a copy of the police report and an affidavit.
  • Advise Spectrum Insurance Brokers Company of any other insurance in force, which covers the same event, in which case Spectrum Insurance Brokers Company will be liable only for their proportion of the
  • In the case of claims for damaged insured property, provide Spectrum Insurance Brokers Company with the Insured Item that is the subject of the claim.
  • Provide Spectrum Insurance Brokers Company with all the information supporting documentation and other evidence to prove Your claim.
  • Pay the excess and provide Spectrum Insurance Brokers Company with all the supporting documentation and evidence to prove ‘(our If this is not done within 90 (ninety) days from submitting ‘(our claim, ‘tour claim will expire.


 Misrepresentation, mis-description or non-disclosure of any material information or fact shall r e n d e r this policy void at Spectrum Insurance Brokers Company option.



If at the time of any event giving rise to a claim under this policy any insurance exists with any other Insurer covering you against the Insured Events Spectrum Insurance Brokers Company shall be liable to make good only such portion of the loss not recoverable from such other insurance by virtue of the application of any deductible or the exhaustion of any limit of liability or the application of any average condition. This policy shall not otherwise be called into contribution with any other policy or policies covering you against the Insured Events.


 You shall take all reasonable steps and precautions to prevent or mitigate losses and damages.


If any claim under this policy is in any respect fraudulent or if any fraudulent means or devices are used by you or anyone acting on Your behalf or with Your knowledge or consent to obtain any benefit under this policy or if any event is occasioned by the willful actor with the connivance of You, all benefit afforded under this policy and all premiums paid shall be forfeited and the policy shall be void at Spectrum Insurance Brokers’ option.



Unless otherwise provided herein, this policy shall not give any rights to any person other than you. Any extension providing indemnity to any person other than you shall not give any rights of claim to such person, the intention being that you shall claim on behalf of such person.


 You may cancel at any time, subject to a 30 (thirty) day notice period, via the following processes:

  • Notification must be made in writing to Spectrum Insurance Brokers
  • Spectrum Insurance Brokers Company has the right to cancel the insurance after any claim subject to 30 (thirty) days’ notice, in which case the unearned premium, if any will not be refundable.


 In respect of each and every event that gives rise to a claim, you will be responsible for the first amount payable as follows:

Excesses(% is based on Replacement Value or claim amount) 1st Claim Value 2nd Claim Value
(a)          Repairable Damage 10% Minimum P200 12.5% Minimum P200
(b)          Water Damage Non Smart 10% Minimum P200 15% Minimum P200
(c)           Loss/Theft Replacement 15% Minimum P200 20% Minimum P200
(d)          All Loss/Theft Replacement within first 8 weeks 50% Minimum P200 50% Minimum P200
(e)          Water Damage Smart Phones 10% Minimum P200 15% Minimum P200


Mascom will only be liable for a SIM card claim. If the SIM card is lost or stolen or damaged, Spectrum Insurance Brokers Company will replace the SIM card up to a value of P25.00.



The owner of the policy which is taken out in your name and accepted by Spectrum Insurance Brokers Company as the insured.


  • The mobile device registered for cover in terms of this policy and its standard The mobile device must belong to you a member of your family above the age of 16 for whom you are responsible.
  • The SIM card in the mobile device must be registered on Mascom
  • The IMEI/Serial number on the Item must match the IMEI/Serial number that was recorded at the time the Insured Item was registered.
  • The mobile device, applicable to mobile phones only, must have been used in conjunction with the cellular telephone number that was provided at the time the Insured Item was registered, at least once within 72 (seventy two) hours prior to any claim event, by having made or received a phone call or sent or received an SMS.


 Shall mean cellular handsets, tablets.


The Insured Value is selected by you to cover the Insured Item in case of an Insured Event. There are various options to choose from which include a minimum and maximum value of indemnity.


The date, upon which the Insured Event occurs, which date must fall within the period of Insurance.


 The first amount to be borne by you in respect of each and every claim.


 If you have a complaint about this policy:

  • First try and resolve it with Spectrum Insurance Brokers Company as stated in the information provided above then Mascom.

If the matter is not resolved to your satisfaction by Spectrum Insurance Brokers Company, you may submit the complaint to the NBFIRA as detailed earlier in this document.

The following Terms and Conditions are between us, Mascom Botswana (PTY) LTD (“Mascom”) and you, our Customer. It covers your participation in the Mascom recharge channels or services. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. By participating in the recharge services, you constitute your agreement to the following Terms and Conditions as set out herein.

How Anytime Bonus Works

All successful recharges made through MascomOnline and MyZaka channels will get the below bonus except during month-end recharge promotion periods.

Airtime Recharge Value (BWP) % Anytime Bonus Validity (days)
All 5 14

Anytime Bonus: This is an additional airtime balance subject to the below conditions;

  1. 1. Anytime Bonus usage rules will be such that, the balance will be used for Mascom based transactions ONLY. Example: It can be used to subscribe for data bundles
  2. 2. Bonus Airtime will NOT be used to subscribe to promotions e.g. MyStar competitions, data bundle promotions,*110# activations and VAS (CRBT, CollectSMS, MySpot content and Gift SMS) services.
  3. 3. Anytime Bonus Airtime will not be applicable while roaming.
  4. 4. Anytime Bonus will be only valid for 14 days from the time of purchase. Any unused bonus airtime will not carry-over and will be forfeited.
  5. 5. Users are allowed to migrate from one price plan/tariff to another without forfeiture of Anytime Bonus airtime.
  6. 6. Consumption order (priority levels) will be such that on-net & off-net calls, on-net &off-net SMS and data (pay as you surf) will be debited first from the bonus airtime (with exception to Mascom talk to drop on weekends) and not the main airtime balance. Once Freebie balance is depleted, Anytime bonus balance will now be used. Once Anytime bonus is depleted then the main airtime balance will be used.

The below shows the usage priority order .

  • – Data bundles
  • – Mascom Talk-to-drop promotion (free minutes plus SMS)
  • – Bonus Airtime balance
  • – Freebie Airtime balance
  • – Anytime Bonus [NEW]
  • – Main Airtime balance

7. Anytime Bonus airtime will be used for:

  • – Mascom-to-Mascom calls,
  • – Mascom-to-Mascom SMS’calls
  • – Data (Pay-As –You-Surf) and data bundles
  1. 8. Customers will not be able to convert the Anytime Bonus airtime to normal Airtime balance.
  2. 9. The Anytime Bonus airtime balance cannot be shared using the Nzamele service.
  3. 10. If a customer number is deactivated from the network, any existing Anytime Bonus will be forfeited.
  4. 11. Should the subscriber migrate to a contract package while Anytime Bonus is still active in their prepaid account, the Anytime Bonus balance will be forfeited.
  5. 12. Prices are subject to change at the discretion of Mascom. Such changes in pricing will be communicated through the various media.
  6. 13. The bundle may not be used for commercial purposes. Any use of this offer outside of what is considered reasonable for private, non- commercial use, and in instances through mechanisms and means not intended for personal use or the anticipated purpose of the offer, will be considered as abuse.
  7. 14. Mascom reserves the right at any time to discontinue the Anytime Bonus. Such changes will be communicated through the various media.
  8. 15. Mascom reserves the right at any time to vary these terms and conditions or to withdraw the Anytime Bonus should it be required to do as a result of legal or regulatory requirements. In such an event, it is important that all subscribers who have the Anytime bonus understand that they waive any rights that they may have against Mascom and hereby acknowledge that they will have no recourse or claim of any nature whatsoever against Mascom, their directors, affiliates, members, partners, employees, sponsors, agents or consultants.