One World Roaming

APPLICABLE ON MTN South Africa, MTN Uganda, MTN Rwanda, MTN Swaziland and MTN Zambia

wdt_ID Location Retail (BWP, incl VAT)
1 Local P3.00
2 Back Home P3.00
3 Receiving Call P2.24
5 SMS P1.50
6 DATA/Megabyte P8.96
7 Calls to SADC P12.00
Location Retail (BWP, incl VAT)

International Roaming

International roaming is a service that allows your mobile phone experience to remain the same whilst away from home. From receiving and making calls to your family & friends, to sealing that deal whilst in another country roaming is a great service to use if used right. The experience should not leave you broke if you follow these simple and handy tips.

Roam for less with MTN networks!

Roam with MTN networks and get the best rates. Mascom subscribers get to enjoy great rates and accessibility to recharging their airtime whilst outside Botswana. All you have to do to recharge is buy an MTN scratch card and follow these instructions;

* Buy an MTN recharge voucher & Dial *222*Recharge Pin#; follow the prompts.

Alternatively you can dial +267109 for Mascom Top Up VISA direct debit service.

APPLICABLE ON MTN South Africa, MTN Uganda, MTN Rwanda, MTN Swaziland and MTN Zambia
Retail (BWP, incl. VAT)
Local P3.00
Back Home P3.00
Receiving Call P2.24
SMS P1.50
DATA/Megabyte P8.96
Calls to SADC P12.00

How to keep data charges low when roaming cross border.

If you want to place calls but not use data or receive emails:

By default, the setting for international data roaming will typically be in the “OFF” position. Check the settings on your particular device before traveling cross border. Turning data roaming “OFF” blocks email, browsing, WhatsApp, BBM and downloads, but it will not block text messages. International roaming rates apply when you send SMS.

  • – Tip for iPhone Users: Tap on: Settings>General>Network> Data Roaming (toggle to “OFF”).
  • – Tip for Android Users: Tap on: Settings>More networks>Mobile networks>Data roaming (uncheck it).
  • – Tip for Windows Phone Users: Tap on: Settings>cellular> Data roaming options (select “don’t roam”).
  • – Tip for Blackberry Users: Tap on: Settings>Mobile Network> While Roaming (select “Off”)

Failing to Roam?

Roaming is a pretty seamless experience when everything’s working. Once its set up, you just need to turn your phone on and you should be up and running. If you find it’s not working for you though, here are some things to check.

Not getting coverage across border?

Switch your phone off and then back on

It’s amazing how often this works. This resets your phone, and forces it to search for a roaming network to connect to.

Have you set up Mascom Roaming?

Check if you’re setup for Mascom International roaming before leaving, Dial 111 for Prepaid & 129 for Postpaid.

Is flight mode on?

If you put your phone on flight mode during a flight, check that you’ve switched it off once you land.

Is roaming available where you are visiting?

We’ve got you covered in a huge number of countries, but it’s not available everywhere. Availability can also differ between prepaid and postpaid.

Is your phone set to automatically select a network?

Automatic network selection helps your phone find and connect to roaming networks as you move about. Ensure you’re familiar with your handset settings in case you need to put the network selection on manual.

  • – Tip for Android Users: Tap on: Settings> Connections>More networks> Mobile networks>Network operators> Search or set to automatic

Can’t make/receive calls  OR  Can’t send/receive SMS

  • – Check that you’re entering the number correctly – For outgoing calls, including back home to Botswana enter the country code before dialing i.e. +267 71xxxxx. If dialing from your phone’s contact list, ensure the number has a country code prefixed to it. Some visited country numbers may be dialed as is. i.e. 083xxxxxx.
  • – If still failing report to Mascom Call Centre @ +26771272432 for Prepaid and +26771272409 for Postpaid issues.

Can’t use data

  • – Check that Data while roaming is on (it’s off by default for most phones)
  • – Note that social media like WhatsApp & FaceBook will incur data roaming charges!

International Roaming Countries

wdt_ID Country Networks Data Prepaid Postpaid
1 Canada Microcell Connexions Yes No Yes
2 Canada Rogers Wireless Yes No Yes
3 Canada Telus Yes No Yes
4 Canada Bell Yes No Yes
5 China China Mobile No No Yes
6 Congo, Brazzaville MTN No No Yes
7 Ivory Coast MTN No No Yes
8 Czech Republic EuroTel Praha No No Yes
9 Democratic Rep. Of Congo Celtel No No Yes
10 Democratic Rep. Of Congo Vodacom No No Yes
Country Networks Data Prepaid Postpaid

How to use Roaming

Activate roaming while in Botswana through MyMascomDIY, *123# or call the Mascom call centre at 111 for Prepaid. Postpaid customers call 129 to activate roaming.

Roaming allows Mascom subscribers to access the internet, retrieve Voice Mail messages, SMS’ and make and receive calls while outside Botswana.

To recharge your phone while roaming, buy an MTN recharge voucher and dial *222*Recharge Pin #.
Rates vary from country to country. Call +267 74693500 for assistance while roaming. All prices are VAT Inclusive.