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MySocial Data Bundles Terms and Conditions

  1. This service is available for all Mascom Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers using internet.mascom only.

  2. MySocial prices are VAT inclusive for Prepaid and VAT exclusive for Postpaid subscribers.

  3. Subscription or activation is done through the USSD code *123# and charges according to the selected bundle.

  4. The validity period of the subscription starts immediately upon subscription.

  5. When MySocial data pack expires during a data session, subscribers will be redirected to a portal which advices subscribers the status of their subscription.

  6. When MySocial data pack expires, subscribers will receive an SMS notification advising them of their subscription status.

  7. To reduce high data usage, subscribers are advised to turn off other applications which are active on their devices and also turn off data Auto-sync. There are other device background sessions that may not be turned off and these are operating systems specific session.

  8. This service is not available to BlackBerry users.

  9. For free usage on Facebook, subscribers can access Facebook via Facebook Java App or visit m.facebook.com via mobile browser.

  10. For Facebook, you can enjoy many features such as posting messages, adding friends, uploading photos, editing your profile, like, unlike and Facebook chat.

  11. Facebook Messenger is included in the MySocial service and access is not charged. However access to Voice over IP is not include hence will be charged for. This means making voice calls using the Facebook messenger application.

  12. The following Facebook access methods are included in All Facebook pass:

    • Facebook for iOS App.

    • Facebook Messenger for iOS.

    • Facebook Messenger for Android.

    • Facebook for Every Phone (Java Application).

    • Facebook browser based access to the mobile website.

    • Facebook browser based access to the desktop site (no banners or interstitials).

    • Facebook for iPad application (no banners or interstitials).

  13. The following Facebook Products are NOT Included in an All Facebook pass:
    • Instagram

    • Camera App

    • Pages Manager Apps

    • Facebook for BlackBerry

  14. You can enjoy WhatsApp Chat, creating Groups, Share photos, Update profile, send broadcast messages, and send voice notes and videos.

  15. For free usage on WhatsApp Messenger, subscribers can use Android App.

  16. For WhatsApp, this product or service is only applicable to official WhatsApp application provided by WhatsApp Inc.

  17. Additional data charges will apply for download of the WhatsApp application. The Official WhatsApp application should be only downloaded through WhatsApp Inc. at http://www.whatsapp.com/download/

  18. Any other unofficial, hack, imitation of the WhatsApp application will not work with this product/service and will incur additional data charges.

  19. Any external URL link or content opened while messaging via WhatsApp application that results in a user getting information from external source will incur additional data charges regardless of whether this occurred within or outside the WhatsApp application.

  20. Sharing location via the WhatsApp application which results in information transmitted to and from Google Map service will incur additional data charges.

  21. The cost of purchasing the WhatsApp application (if any) from the respective mobile app store before downloading to user phone shall be borne by users themselves. This installation cost is not part of this product/service offering.

  22. You can enjoy posting a tweet, replying to a tweet, re-tweeting, following people, un-following and blocking users, searching and update your profile.

  23. Twitter is accessible through the Native Android Application and Twitter mobile sub-domains/sites(both WEB and via mobile device:

    • Native Android Application

    • Mobile.twitter.com

    • Pic.twitter.com

    • The iPhone Twitter App

    • The Windows Twitter App

    (For ease of reference, "Native Android Application/*, mobile.twitter.com/*" and "pic.twitter.com/*" are collectively referred to as "Allowed Free Twitter Sites")

  24. The Blackberry Twitter App is NOT included as part of Twitter Free access and may result in charging.

  25. For free usage on Twitter, subscriber can visit mobile.twitter.com via mobile browser.

  26. Image/media viewing on Twitter & visiting external links/websites are NOT free and will be charged.

  27. Accessing Facebook & Twitter via proxy browsers may result in data charging.

  28. Subscriber may get charged for mobile phone applications consuming data in the background. This can be controlled by turning off such applications.

  29. If you were to access any of the Facebook and/or Twitter and/or WhatsApp via proxy browsers, your usage will be charged from your data balance.

  30. Prices are subject to change at the discretion of Mascom. Such changes in pricing will be communicated through the various media.

  31. Mascom MySocial is NOT applicable when roaming. Any access while roaming will be charged.

  32. The download speed is based on network availability.

  33. Mascom reserves the right at any time to discontinue MySocial data pack offer. Such changes will be communicated through the various media and/or SMS.

  34. Mascom Wireless reserves the right at any time to vary these terms and conditions or to withdraw the MySocial data bundle should it be required to do as a result of, or any changes to, the law. In such event, it is important that all subscribers who have activated the MySocial data bundle offer understand that they waive any rights that they may have against Mascom and hereby acknowledge that they will have no recourse or claim of any nature whatsoever against Mascom, their directors, affiliates, members, partners, employees, sponsors, agents or consultants.

  35. In order to optimize network resources and manage a good customer experience for all, MySocial is subject to Fair Usage Policy. The MySocial fair usage policy is designed to ensure that all of our customers receive a fast and reliable service and is as below. It is a threshold-based fair usage policy allowing a user to access 200MB per day before being their access speed is changed. If a user reaches 500MB, access to the service will be denied and any continued usage will be charged out of bundle rate. Subscribers will be allowed access again the following day if the subscription has not expired.

  36. Subscribers will receive a free SMS notification when they have reached their daily usage allowance of 500MB

Data Service Duration Threshold 1 Threshold 2 Threshold 3
MySocial 1 Day, 7Days,30days Up to 200MB,1Mbps 200MB to500MB, 512Kbps More than 500MB, not allowed. Access will be denied.